What a week

Well it has not been the easiest of  weeks in our house this week.

We have not had too many issues with the school this week after the meeting with the complaints governor- it was quite productive and he could see my point of view on there the school is failing us. My favorite quote from the meeting was’ we don’t have any modern parents at Frinton primary school they are all dinosaurs’ referring to the fact that the other parents don’t believe there should be any special needs children in their school.

Stephen was showing how clever he is this week as our daughter was doing her SAT’s this week so every night she was on the computer doing revision, we walked in a couple of times to find her watching telly and stephen answering the maths revision questions for her…and he was getting them all right, even the ones she could not do!?!


We had a disaster with our youngest on wednesday where he managed to slice his finger open. Which caused a lot of upset in the house, apart from Stephen who did not understand that his little brother was hurt, he even

thought the trip to the hospital was fun.  Fortunately the cut looked worse that it was and only required 2 paper stitches the huge bandage is only to stop him pulling the stitches off.

Over the weekend we struggled a little with Stephen as we were trying to prepare him for his sister being away on her year six trip, there were a lot of tears shed and tantrums – I not sure he understood the fact that she would be back at the end of the week. lol



And so a new weeks begins hopefully not as eventful as the last but you never know what is around the corner. Nikkita’s on her trip, Derek is on the mend, Leon and Jack are being themselves and Stephen is plodding along in his own way…..We will have a Diagnosis this friday(about time) YAY