still fighting


nothing has changed Stephen is till out of school, the council are still saying that there is no space in the local SEN school, and im still pulling my hair out!!

Jo had a call from the council telling us that they were looking at Stephens review this week, they talked about schools saying Market fields is FULL (our local ASD school), They don’t think Shorefields is suitable, would we consider putting him back into frinton Primary?? what planet are these people on, after the neglect he received there would we put him back…. Hmmm tough decision, let me think……………..NO

I can’t believe it has taken them over 6 weeks to look at the paper work and they cant even come to us with a proper suggestion on how to move forward on the problem, gives me a good mind to stop paying my taxes if this is what i’m paying for!

I know in the interim we are Home educating him, but this is proving difficult as he dose not want to do it, and is worse now the others are back at school, I think he misses it.


This morning i wrote to the council, and our MP, lets hope this gets a response or it will be the papers on my mailing list next!