HE by the sea

we have done it Stephen has been de-registered from school and we can already see a difference.


on sunday the 14th I took part in the british london 10k, stephen coped so well with being up in the big city Jo found a place by the finish line that was not to busy and where stephen could hide a little if it got to much. Image He loved cheering on all the runners. i have raised £204 for Autism anglia and the donations are still coming in.

This week he has been working on educationcity.com and has completed all the eyfs science and maths and has done some english, he has also been doing the work sheets and books we have. He’s loving it and wanting to do it!

This morning we spent down the beach after doing some written work Image We were drawing and writing in the sand and we have collected shells and are going to make a picture out of them.


I’m so glad we made the choice to do this, I can’t believe how quickly we can see the difference in him, he is back to himself and it dose not bother him that his brothers and sister still go to school.


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